Everything is Sky Drawings are watercolors on Sennelier paper. They are a result of concluding that I could never do justice in paint to my experience of the beauty of the skies in my northern New Jersey neighborhood. The best I can do is pay homage to the sky with these modest watercolors. I’m reminded of the Zen saying “the finger pointing to the moon”. These are not the sky, but perhaps a finger pointing to the sky.

Flags are acrylic on tracing vellum and are an emotional reflection of my immediate visual environment: urban, domestic and natural.

Kitchen Table Drawings are watercolor on Sennelier paper. They are small—6 x 8 inches and a result of painting every night at the dinner table: a diary of sorts.

Still Life, Design for Living are acrylic and mixed media on tracing vellum. Fragments culled from multifarious urban and domestic visual stimuli, are the main and supporting subjects.

Still Life/Design for Living (Beauford) Variation is a limited edition multi-media print produced with a fellowship from the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions.